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Clinical Research

All clinical research is led by Sharan Mahal, MD., FACC. and Chandreshwar Shahi MD., FACC., who are both expert interventional cardiologists with extensive backgrounds in medical research. Supporting them are our highly skilled researchers and assistants, who are dedicated to improving and enhancing patient care. Working together, this multi-talented team allows CardioMD to stay current with new trends and developments in medicine.

Our primary concern at CardioMD is to improve the quality of health for individuals. One way that we accomplish this goal is by participating in clinical trials that are patient-focused and that will provide access to important new therapies or prescription medication. We believe that today’s clinical trial is tomorrow’s clinical practice.

Participation in research is always voluntary. Declining a research study will not impact the care provided to our patients in any way. Each study is carefully selected by our practice and is evaluated for its value to our patients needs. Every trial offered at CardioMD must pass a comprehensive review by the FDA and a Institutional Review Board prior to being offered to patients. The role of these boards are to ensure that the rights of those enrolled are protected. While CardioMD is reimbursed by the pharmaceutical company for the expenses involved in carrying out certain studies, our results are independent and scientifically validated. All medications, patient visits and blood work associated with the trials are provided to the patient without charge.

Our Mission:

  • To improve the clinical management of patients with cardiovascular disease
  • To serve our community by conducting clinical trials with promising new therapies

If you are interested in participating in or learning more about our research program, please ask your cardiologist or call 908-864-4027 and ask for the research department.

Clinical Trials and Research

Please discuss with your doctor if you are interested in participating in clinical trials and research. We are presently enrolling patients in:

  1. TAKEDA study ( diabetic treatment of patients with coronary artery disease )
  2. Accelerate Study ( New HDL or good cholesterol medication for patients with heart disease, diabetes, vascular disease)
  3. Odyssey Study ( New Injectable treatment for Lowering Cholesterol after a heart attack)