Childbirth and New Parent Education

There are many things to think about as you prepare to have your baby. Not only do you have to think about buying diapers, a crib, an infant car seat and more, but you also need to think about getting prepared for the delivery itself. To make this process easier for you, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital offers a full complement of childbirth education classes:

We want you to be ready and to feel confident that you and your loved ones will have a warm, comfortable setting for labor, delivery and recovery. Knowing what to expect when it comes time for labor and delivery can help ease any anxiety you may have about the birth process, especially if this is your first baby.

For additional information on the childbirth courses and their curriculums, please contact the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Community Education Department at (888) 637-9584 or click on a link below.

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Printable schedule of all childbirth education events: 2013 | 2014