Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Halitosis (Bad Breath)

What is halitosis?

Halitosis is an oral health condition characterized by consistently odorous breath. Often, identifying the cause of bad breath is the first step toward treating this preventable condition.

What causes bad breath?

There are just as many causes of bad breath as there are sources of bacteria in the mouth. Halitosis may be caused by the following:

Treatment for halitosis

Specific treatment for halitosis will be determined by your physician or dentist based on:

Treatment depends primarily on the cause of the condition, including:

Possible Treatment Protocol
Poor oral health care If the bad breath is of oral origin (improper oral health care), in most cases your dentist will treat the cause of the problem.
Gum disease If the cause of the halitosis is an underlying gum disease, the condition may be treated by your dentist, or you may be referred to an oral specialist -- in most cases, a periodontist. A periodontal cleaning often helps to remove the bacteria and calculus that has accumulated and is causing inflammation at the gumline.
Extensive plaque buildup Your dentist or periodontist may recommend an antimicrobial mouthrinse (a therapeutic mouthrinse). Also, you may be instructed to brush your tongue gently each time you brush your teeth, to remove excess plaque and bacteria.

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