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Living Our Values

We recognize that the culture we create is essential to creating a culture of dignity, inclusion, and kindness for everyone who enters our doors. Started as a “Culture of Kindness Initiative” that was employee led, our RWJ Values – C.U.L.T.U.R.E.—are the foundation for achieving this goal.

RWJ Values

Commitment is establishing ownership and dedication to personal, professional, and organizational success with passion and purpose.
Understanding is the ability to acknowledge the strengths of others, appreciate their challenges and effectively recognize and support their needs.
Learning is embracing innovation, challenges and experiences which enhances personal and professional growth.
Trust is demonstrating honesty and accountability in all interactions to promote a positive environment.
Unity is a collaborative practice which creates a sense of togetherness that establishes high level of teamwork.
Respect is fostering an environment of integrity by treating others with dignity.
Empathy is the sincere awareness of the needs of other people along with the desire and attempt to compassionately support them.

Living Our Values Initiatives

  • RWJ Spirit Day

  • RWJ Staff Education Fair

  • RWJ Values Champions

  • RWJ Values Guide

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