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Pregnancy and Newborns

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CDC Adds New Zika Warning for Pregnant Women and Their Sex Partners
Women should not have sex while pregnant if male partners have visited or live in Zika-affected areas, agency says
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Pregnancy and Newborns
Multiple Births Quiz
What Do You Know About Multiple Births? So you're having more than one! You're not alone. The number of multiple births...
Drugs and Pregnancy Quiz
What Do You Know About Taking Drugs and Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy? Smoking, drinking alcohol, and using illegal...
Due Date Calculator
Due Date Calculator It is important to estimate your due date so you and your health care provider can schedule proper ...
Healthy Pregnancy Quiz
What Do You Know About Having a Healthy Pregnancy? Pregnancy is an exciting and busy time for couples. You spend time w...
Childbirth: A Timeline to Ease Your Mind
Postpartum Depression Assessment
Postpartum Depression Risk Assessment It's natural to feel strong emotions when you're pregnant and just after you've had a baby. You may feel elated, or you may feel sad. Many women have the "baby blues" just after birth. They feel sad, impatient, or irritable. These feelings usually go away in a week or two. They don't always need to be treated by a health care provider. For some women, feelings of sadness are much more intense. These intense feelings are called postpartum depression, or PPD. Postpart...
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