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Many in Hospice Don't Get Medical Visit in Last 2 Days of Life: Study
Findings led to an increase in Medicare payments to improve care, researchers say
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Late-Life Depression Quiz
Late-Life Depression Quiz Older adults often suffer from depression needlessly because they fail to recognize its signs...
Hearing Quiz
Take the Hearing Quiz Hearing loss can occur for many reasons. Sometimes it occurs as people age. Sometimes it occurs a...
Arthritis Quiz
Take the Arthritis Quiz This quiz is a chance to find out more about arthritis and arthritis treatment. 1. Although doc...
Living better and longer
Depression Risk Assessment
Depression Risk Assessment More than 20 million people in the United States suffer from depression. About twice as many women as men suffer from this medical condition. Major depression is an all-encompassing illness that affects a person's body, feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Certain things can trigger an episode of depression. They include a stressful life event, genetics, physical illness, medications, drug or alcohol abuse, or hormone levels. Any one of these factors, or a combination of them, ca...
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