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Ban Crib Bumpers Because of Rising Deaths, Researchers Say
Many of these fatalities were preventable, study reveals
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Healthy Children
Infant Immunization Quiz
Take the Infant Immunization Quiz Test your knowledge of vaccinations against a variety of diseases that can affect you...
Normal Growth
Normal Growth What is considered a normal growth rate? Growth involves not only the length and weight of a body, but al...
Teen Health Quiz
What Do You Know About Teen Health? Test your knowledge of what it takes to be a healthy teen. 1. At what age does the ...
Toilet Training Quiz
Take the Toilet Training Quiz One of the milestones for toddlers is toilet training. As a first-time parent, you may ha...
A Guide to Your Child's Good Health and Well-Being
Substance Abuse Assessment
Substance Abuse Assessment Substance abuse is defined as the use of drugs, legal or illegal, for non-therapeutic purposes. Many people who abuse drugs become addicted. Drug abuse and drug addiction affect both men and women. People who abuse drugs come from all ethnic groups and all walks of life. Drugs don't have to be illegal to be abused. If you abuse drugs, you can become dependent on them physically, and psychologically. Drug abuse and addiction can lead to many problems in life, as well as damage ...
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