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Older, Wiser, Wider?
Older, Wiser, Wider? Call it what you will: the battle of the bulge, middle-age spread, the waistline war. Somewhere in...
Nutrition Quiz for Seniors
Take the Senior Nutrition Quiz Eating a healthy diet is essential for people of every age. But as you age, doing so is ...
Fast Facts
Pay attention to the amount of fluid you drink. You may not feel thirsty, but fluids are important to good health. Most healthy people should drink several large glasses of fluids each day. In addition to water, you can drink juice, milk, or broth.
For Seniors: How About Losing Weight Today?
For Seniors: How About Losing Weight Today? Much to our dismay, it is quite common for people to gain weight as they ag...
Debunking 10 Aging Myths
Debunking 10 Aging Myths Many older Americans lead healthy, interesting, and productive lives well into their later yea...