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Industrial Rehabilitation Services at Somerset Campus

This comprehensive industrial program "matches the worker to the work" by providing pre-work screening, job-site analysis, functional capacity evaluations and acute physical therapy. Services are referred through employers, occupational medicine physicians and disability management services.

As a certified Isernhagen Work Systems provider, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital uses the kinesiophysical approach, which links abilities and limitations to musculoskeletal and physiological functioning and indicates solutions.

Services include:

  • Pre-work screening – provides employers with specific information on the critical demands of the job and the physical capabilities of a candidate in a non-discriminatory way. These tests adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.
  • Ergonomics and job-site analysis – an analysis of the work, worker and work site to identify cost-effective alternatives to minimize work injury, address productivity requirements and provide education on repetitive strain principals and manual handling tasks.
  • Functional capacity evaluations – assesses an individual’s physical ability to perform a specific job or activity and aids in developing a safe return-to-work program. This test is comprehensive and clearly describes the tasks a worker could perform in an eight-hour day.

For more information about these services, call 908-685-2944.