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Pain Management

Pain is now considered the "Fifth Vital Sign." At Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, we take pain management very seriously. Our patients have the right to comfort management and the best possible control of their pain.

Effective pain management can include medication, stress reduction, relaxation, exercise, massage, heat, cold, or providing a comfortable environment.

What is pain?

Pain is what each patient tells us it is. If patients tell us they are experiencing pain or discomfort, it is our job to help them be as comfortable as possible.
Pain does not only mean physical discomfort, such a broken bone or post-surgical discomfort. Pain can also be spiritual discomfort or emotional distress, also known as suffering. People who suffer in pain do not heal as quickly, and may have more complications from immobility or isolation.

What is successful pain relief?

Successful pain relief means that patients can:

  • resume their usual activities and routines as quickly as possible
  • get up, regain strength and recover more quickly

How do I talk about my pain?

At Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, we use a zero to ten scale to measure pain and discomfort. Zero means you are completely comfortable and have no need for pain relief. Ten is used to describe what is unbearable pain for YOU.

If you are a patient experiencing pain, don't be afraid to tell us it is a "10" if it is a "10." We need your help to provide the best possible pain control. It’s your right!

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