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At Home Testing

For people who suspect they have a respiratory sleep problem but aren’t sure, a simple home assessment can be an easy first step in diagnosis. A sleep-screening device the size of an MP3 player is now available from The RWJ Sleep Center for overnight use. Patients make an appointment to visit the center, where they pick up the palm-sized unit and receive personalized instruction from one of the RWJ Sleep Center’s licensed respiratory therapists.
At home, the device records any impediment to air flow during sleep throughout the night, including snoring. Patients enjoy the comfort of their own bed while employing an easy-to-use and cost-effective method of identifying obstructive sleep apnea. If a problem is detected, patients benefit from the full support of a hospital-affiliated sleep center.

Home sleep studies begin with a screening and examination at the RWJ Sleep Center, generally with a licensed respiratory therapist. The therapist will then prepare you for a home sleep assessment with a lightweight and unobtrusive unit that will record all respiration, including both breathing and snoring.

Throughout the night, the device records any impediment to air flow during sleep, including snoring. In the morning, users detach the sensors and follow their normal routine before returning the home sleep unit to the RWJ Sleep Center. Experts there will download data, which is analyzed by board-certified sleep-medicine physicians. Patients are contacted with results within 72 hours.

Home assessments offer privacy and comfort, but if a sleep disorder is detected, patients benefit from the full support of a hospital-affiliated sleep center. 

The RWJ Sleep Center is a hospital based program, accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  A recent patient satisfaction survey ranked the RWJ Sleep Center in the 98th percentile among like centers.

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