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Living With Autoimmune Disease Support Group
Peer run support group for patients living with chronic illness of any autoimmune disease or chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome, or fibromyalgia.  It i...
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Narcotics Anonymous - Living Clean Support Group
Twelve step program to help people recover from their drug addictions, to help the still sick and suffering addict.  Their message is hope and the promise ...
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NA Aging in Recovery Meeting
Aging in Recovery Group of Narcotics Anonymous Living Clean: The Journey Continues F ellowship-Surrender-Wellness Speaker discussion meeting. Join us in practicing ...
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AA - Alcoholics Anonymous Ladies of the Morning Women’s Support Group
For more information call AA at 800-245-1377 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) No charge Several AA support groups are available: The Somerville Recovery group meets e...
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Narcotics Anonymous- "Steppin" On Sunday
This is a 12 step self-help meeting. Each week a step is read and a member who has worked the step will share his/her experience--step, speaker, discussion, meeting....
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Alcoholics Anonymous - Stay Alive
For more information call AA at 800-245-1377 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) No charge Several AA support groups are available: The Somerville Recovery group meets e...
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Weeknight Breastfeeding Class
Give your baby the best! Learn about feeding cues, positions for breastfeeding, good latch-on techniques and more. Dispel myths, get questions answered, and begin to...
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Narcotics Anonymous – A Simple Way
Every Monday 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. Fuld Auditorium Contact: Lisa Cunnigham ...
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Breast Cancer Support Group
Breast Cancer Support Group Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey sponsors a Breast Cancer Support Group.   The group goals are to provide education and under...
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Practice this water exercise program that soothes arthritis pain, strengthens joints and improves range of motion and lung capacity.  Pam Granick & Ellen H...
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