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Spirituality Group
Meditation ...
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Grandparenting Class
Embrace your new role with a baby basics hands-on review. Learn about infant safety, new baby equipment and feeding practices....
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Epilepsy Support Group
Epilepsy Support Group  This group meets to promote awareness and education to pediatric & adult patients and family members.   Each session will...
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HealthHike Walking Program: How Healthy Are Your Habits?
Learn good nutrition practices and recognize different types of eating disorders (i.e. binge, emotional, compulsive, etc.), signs and symptoms, causes of health con...
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Wellness Workout
An exercise c lass designed for individuals of all fitness levels. NO PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED This program is offered in collaboration with Cancer Support Communi...
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Multidisciplinary Breast Care Conference
Patients Presenting with Malignant Findings     LEARNING OBJECTIVES:   At the conclusion of this conference, the participant will be able t...
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Medicine Grand Rounds
Influenza Update: What’s New Speaker:  Ronald G. Nahass, MD, MHCM, FACP, FIDSA Clinical Professor of Medicine Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School LEARNI...
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Ryan White Support Group
This support group provides interpersonal support, a health education forum plus socialization for those affected by the HIV disease. Meetings are held on the 1st Th...
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New Mother's Support Group: New Moms New Babies
New Moms - New Babies: A New Mother's Support Group Connect with other moms to share the joys and challenges of new motherhood. With group discussions and speakers ...
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Happiest Baby on the Block
Learn an extraordinary approach to keeping your baby happy. This program was developed by Harvey Karp, MD, a nationally renowned pediatrician and child development ...
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